Rodriguez de Lira y Asociados is a financial management and financing firm for companies and represents financial institutions with an emphasis on strengthening the productive sector, employment stimulation and environmental care. We also commercialize a range of products in mexico and internationally, mostly proceeding from companies that have found financing through us.

We have been serving the mexican finance market since 2004, diagnosing and structuring sustainable projects to expand the productive potential of companies by attaining resources to be applied as active capital, machinery and equipment, simple credits, leasing, factoring, “key in hand” projects for greenhouses or covered fields, buying credits, farming, mining, industry, great industry and services.

We do cater to unbanked sectors and other special needs clients in the productive industry.

Rodriguez de Lira y Asociados applies the latest financial instruments according to the needs of our clients, tailored to avoid overindebtment, so we can keep exploring sustainable and responsible growth options with them on a long term basis.

Our modern entrepreneurial vision allows us to support our financial clients by commercializing their products on new and international markets, either by sales channel development, supply channel research or technology research.

The diversity of our clients has led to a healthy exchange of “best practices” that have expanded our capacity to enrich each customer's satisfacion.

Our target markets are two, small and medium businesses; and big companies and corporations to whom we get financing for from international institutions with preferential rates and conditions that would be inaccessible through the national debt market or without the proper experience.

Our challenge is to modernize productive national structures to gain access and be able to take advantage of current international financial opportunities and commercial exchange.

Alliances with commerce, industry and services chambers, organized enterprise covenants, entreprenurial businesmen guilds and government organizations are a key piece of our strategy.

On this last public sector we have the great advantage of being a liaison with the Interamerican Development Bank (BID) and we help state or city governments looking for public-private refinancing schemes for the accomplishment of their social goals.

The main asset of Rodriguez de Lira y Asociados SA de CV is the youth and experience of our staff, analysts, traders and management.

We currently do business at the caribean, NAFTA market, Asia and Europe, where we can rely on strategic aliances with companies and commerce organizations and in mexico we have total coverage.

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